Color. Originality. Brilliance.

Three essential ingredients that together imbue Steve Bernstein’s work with a richness and vitality that makes his work so distinctive.

As a photography-based digital artist, Steve’s artistic goal is simple: create art that people want in their homes and in their lives every day. His art is all about delighting the eyes and stimulating the soul.

Photography runs in Steve’s veins. His father was an architectural photographer, and his grandparents were also photographers in the early years of photography.

Using photography as his palette, and digital art software as his brush, Steve captures and transforms scenes and things he sees around him in his everyday life and travels. Majestic landscapes and historic buildings to fascinating people and deep-sea creatures – nothing is off limits.

Steve works with a wide variety of media, including paper and canvas, and his recent work has been created on aluminum using a dye sublimation process to infuse the final art images onto the metal, producing an intense luster of color and brilliance.

Steve is also an accomplished scientist and inventor His professional life has taken him from the depths of the oceans where he has explored the secrets of marine bioluminescence in deep-sea submersibles, to the heights of medical research where he has developed robotics and imaging techniques.

It is no surprise with his background, then, that Steve and his friend and colleague, world-renowned marine biologist Dr Edie Widder, have created a collaborative show Illuminating the Deep, which has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the United States and Canada.

Steve’s art has been shown at galleries in California and Florida in the United States, Vancouver in Canada, and Auckland, New Zealand. From 2016 to 2019 he was a permanent artist at Cove Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

You’ll find Steve’s work in private collections throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and his art has also been installed at the offices of the Florida Secretary of State, and the New Zealand Official Residence in Los Angeles.

Steve resides in California, and travels around the world looking for new and interesting material for his art.

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