Photography runs in Steve Bernstein’s veins. His father was an architectural photographer, and his grandparents were also photographers in the early years of photography. An accomplished scientist and inventor, Steve’s career has also been driven by imagery. His early work involved exploring the secrets of marine bioluminescence in deep-sea submersibles. More recently, his focus has been developing and working with imaging techniques in medical research.

Using photography, digital enhancement and digital painting as his palette, he brings to life his surroundings. Majestic landscapes to historic buildings to deep sea creatures to fascinating whimsy – nothing is off limits. If it ends up delighting the eyes and stimulating the soul that is all that counts. The goal of his work is to bring into being art that people would want in their homes.

Steve’s recent pieces have been created on aluminum using a Giclee Dye Sublimation process to infuse the final art images onto the metal. This gives a beautiful and intense luster to the pieces when light is directed onto them.

Steve’s work has been shown at galleries in California and Florida, and his work resides in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. His art was also recently featured in a three-month show at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach – Bernstein & Widder: A Sci-Art Collaboration was a show created in partnership with his friend and colleague renowned deep sea explorer, Dr. Edie Widder.

Steve resides in California, and travels around the world looking for new and interesting material for his art.

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